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      I have an intel i7-4770T with hd4600.

      I understood it was documented to support uhd 3860*2160@60Hz over dp, but, checking in the discussions I have hard time getting clear information about that:

      My questions are:

      Does it indeed support such a resolution, in MST, SST or both mode? With windows driver? with linux driver?


      I saw in other discussion a difference between H/U/Y processors, what about T?


      thanks for clarifying the situation,





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          Eric, according to the documentation we have, the HD4600 supports 4k resolution at @ 60 Hz using DP. There are customers who were able to set this resolution without problems; however there are others that this has been impossible.

          It looks like the quality of the cable could be a reason, also if you are using a dongle or sometimes the monitor or the TV does not support such a resolution.



          Regarding the type of processor you have (“T” CPU) I would like to inform you that it means Low Power, Tray Only Processor.

          We can say that the “T” processor is equivalent to the “U” processor.


          The rest of suffixes for Mobile Processors are the following:

          • Q - Quad-core
          • U - Ultra-low power
          • X - 'Extreme'
          • Y - Extreme-low power
          • H - High performance GPU (currently Iris Pro 5200 (GT3e)
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            Thank you Sylvia for this rapid answer.

            I did not experience any problem yet, I just take informations before buying a uhd monitor.


            Your answer though is a bit self contradictory.

            It seems that the hd 4600 on U processer does not support uhd@60Hz.

            Now T is, I know, low TDP processor (45W) but still much higher than U  which is laptop.


            On this document, I understand that hd 4600 accepts uhd@60


            but on this one

            Quick Reference Guide for Intel® Core™ Processor Graphics | Intel® Developer Zone

            it is menstioned that it does on H but not U and Y processors.


            Apparently some possessors of, e.g. surface pro 2 have been disappointed to learn that their hd4600 did not support



            That's why I asked confimation that it is OK on a T processor (or S, K,..)


            I think at the moment where UHD is quickly  spreading, intel should make the effort of providing more clear information on this issue,

            which is under discussions in many topics on that page and elsewhere.


            I also red that there has been, until recently, driver problems under windows, actually preventing effective use of uhd

            are they now solved?


            Finally, I run my computer under linux, and would like confirmation that the linux drivers (kindly) provided by intel allow uhd@60.


            There is  an issue around SST/ MST which I do not fully understand also.