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    Intel Galileo Gen 2 board programming using Arduino in Eclipse


      I am using Intel Galileo GEN 2 board.

      I use Eclipse Juno with Arduino 1.5.3-Intel1.0.4 and plugin 2.2.

      Everytime I give a upload sketch I receive the below message. Compilations being successful.


      Starting upload

      using arduino loader





      upload failed


      I want to run the blink program on to the Gen 2 board.  I have checked the IDE path and the board and port selected to be proper.

      Can anyone suggest on troubleshooting this.?

      A point to be noted is that whenever I choose any option from project properties I receive the following CDT scanner error from it.baeyens.arduino LanguageSettingsProvider. But this does not impact compilation or any major stuff.


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