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    Lag when I multitask, such as play a video and a simple Win8 app game and High CPU Usage

    Karan Thakkar



      I have a D54250WYKH

      RAM: HyperX Impact 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3L CL9 SODIMM 1.35V SODIMM

      SSD: Samsung SSD SM841 mSATA 256GB

      I am running a dual screen (LG via HDMI @1080p and 1x Hannns.G via Display Port to VGA @1440x900)


      When I play a game like Asphalt 8 while watching Amazon Prime or YouTube or Netflix (via Chrome 64bit) the web video player will lag.

      Even after closing the game there would still be lag. I have to end task on the Chrome browser, open the video play again to get it back to normal.


      Even if I am just watching a video like Amazon Prime the CPU is being used at 44 to 59% all the time.


      Is this normal?