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    [Resolved] DN2820FYKH Power up failing


      Okay, I've built two full size machines in the past so I like to think I have enough background to diagnose that my N2820 NUC is a lemon. But just to be sure, I'm going to ask anyway.


      With a Crucial 8gb ram (CT8G3S160BM, one listed in the compatibility) installed, when I push the power button, I see the power button light up (hear the system coming on) but immediately shuts off after less than a second... two seconds later, it repeats. And this goes on endlessly never actually powering up. Nothing on monitor (monitor is a Dell monitor that for sure supports 1024x768. This has to mean my NUC is for sure a lemon right? I mean, no computer should shut off by itself like this? Am I correct?


      Edit: Nevermind, just reading up on the blink codes now. Let me diagnose this further.


      Update: Okay, so after reading the blink codes, nothing has changed. I've timed the light on and light off timing and it's on for about 1 second, and off for about 5 seconds. Some times after 3 sets of these, it stays on solid. But my monitor still doesn't connect. But it's not always three, sometimes, it's 6, sometimes it's 8. sometimes it never goes solid.. and just continuously repeats. Then sometimes after 3 sets of those, it shuts off. None of these are in the blink codes.


      It seems my issue is similar to "boot error with D33217CK" by JeanLuc7 and he concluded his board is faulty, and also another user who posted "DC53427HYE fails to boot, power LED blinks every 5 seconds". I guess I should get this exchanged.