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    Different heatspreaders in i7 4790




      recently I noticed that some 4790 CPUs have a different heatspreader than other/older models. What does that mean? Have they been improved or is there no difference at all?


      Please have a look at the attachments to see what I'm talking about.








      I would really appreciate any information on this.

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          Based on the three pictures I see no difference. Headspreaders are the same for all 4790 processor models. I understand that inside the die the thermal solution changed to allow processor cool off.



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            Hi Allan,


            thanks for your reply.


            But they are definitely not the same. One has vertically rounded sides on the upper part of the heatspreader. Whereas the other one has that rounding on the edges of the two side parts that push the cpu onto the mb. Also the two circular imprints look different and the surface as well.



            Maybe its more obvious if you compare the last picture of my first post to this one: