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    ubilinux (Debian) based on ww42 kernel on EmuxtexLabs


      Hi all,


      Just uploaded to EmutexLabs - a new version of the ubilinux (Debian) image for Edison based on ww42 kernel




      • ww42 kernel and modules (still 3.10.17, but with driver updates, see Intel docs)
      • flashall.sh can now flash ubilinux on Macs and Linux (no -b or xFSTK needed)
      • flashall.sh now checks to see if user is root
      • flashall.sh fixes the size of the /boot filesystem on partition 7 (resizes 6MB up to 32MB)
      • NTP added. Automatically sets system time if connected to internet.
      • Hostapd fixed. Now uses version 2.5, which allows the wifi into master mode.
      • Fixed dhclent reboot problem if not in wifi range.
      • tweaked /etc/fstab to be nicer to emmc
      • now mounts /boot to show the kernel in use (vmlinuz)


      Thanks to all that have contributed to this with fixes and suggestions.