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    Intel rapid share RAID not showing as working in my computer


      Hi a bit of a noob question regarding RAIDs.


      I have a windows 7 system with 500 GB HDD.  The HDD was partitioned with "factory image" D Drive and norm al C Drive.  I have used nearly all the space on this HDD so decided to add a 1TB HDD.  After I plugged the HDD into the system on boot up the Intel Rapid Share Technology programme opened up and asked if I wanted to set this extra HDD up as a RAID array.  I opted for this and not a backup RAID as I wanted extra space.  After a lengthy "migration of data"  the intel programme shows that I now have a combined array of 1.5 TB which is what I was expecting.


      My query is that when I open my computer windows only displays the almost full 500 GB HDD and does not show the extra storage space I now have.  Also some programmes are now not working e.g windows live mail will not open due to an error.


      What I would like to know is has the raid setup worked, because windows is telling me one thing and the intel programme another.  Also is it a common problem for programmes to no longer work after a RAID was set up.


      Feeling quite frustrated, wish I had never touched the rapid share software and just set up the HDD as a separate volume under windows.


      Screen shot attached which hopefully helps.