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    rapid storage technology driver is killing my windows update


      I just got a new rig and have a problem with my Windows update and i traced the problem to rapid storage technology driver.

      I am 100% sure the problem lies with rapid storage tech driver since when i uninstall it everything is ok meaning Windows update is getting updates.


      When the RST driver is instaled the Windows update is saying "windows update cannot currently check for updates because the service is not running windows 7".

      I checked if the services of the windows update are turned on and they are and every thing else is also.


      I first instaled the driver that came with my Asrock z97 pro3 motherboard. after i diagnosed the problem i tryed to install latest version of the driver but the problem is still there.


      Really need help with this since i dont want to uninstall and install this driver every few days to get updates....


      My sistem is


      Asrock z97 pro3

      i5 4690k

      gainward gtx 970

      Kingston DDR3 1600MHz

      TT smart se 630w

      Windows 7 ult


      Ty for the help.