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    How do I validate cpu stability


      I am not sure if my recently new i7-4790k is faulty or not.


      I have run a series of stress/benchmarks and mostly they come back fine. Including Intel Burn Test.


      However, every now and then XTU complains that my system may be unstable when I open it, even though I am running stock (no overclock). Also, Futuremark Firestrike test has always rejected my test results since I have had this cpu due to claimed cheating, which they say if I am not cheating means I have an unstable rtc on my cpu. I am not cheating.


      If this cpu is faulty, I will need to rma it soon before I can't but I just do not know how to confirm what Futuremark claim and if I simply rma for the supplier to confirm the chip is fine, I will be charged for the process :S

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          Hello Tuxxy_Thang,


          It is possible that your motherboard manufacturer has programmed in some DEFAULT BIOS settings that are essentially overclocking your CPU.


          Please share a screenshot of the All Controls screen (under the Manual Tuning section) from XTU



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            Oh thanks for the reply but I have finally solved this problem.


            It all started 2 months ago with this new cpu on a new ASUS board and I could never solve the issue. When it came up on my new MSI mobo with the same cpu, I feared the worst but I have managed to iron it out this morning by adjusting my cache ratio and boosting VCCSA, which is something that made no difference on the ASUS.


            So the end result is that for all other stress/bench tests, including XTU, IBT, AIDA and Folding there is no problem running a modest 4.7Ghz OC with 2400 ram but for the Fire Strike test I have to dial the ram down 1333


            I drop down to 4.6Ghz for my daily build so it's all good now. I am now confident of pushing this cpu further when I submerge it in the coming weeks