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    Intel Win 7 install issues with 7260


      I have been trying for two days to get win 7 64 installed on an i5 NUC without success. I end up with Other Devices showing an Intel(R) Wilkins Peak 2x2, a Network Controller and an Unknown device. No bluetooth, no WiFi. At wits end with various intel drivers etc. Amazing I can install linux in 10 min and get all updates, and windows takes hours and hours. Moreover, Intel markets the motherboard and the 7260HMW, and they don't work together. Reminds me why I moved to Linux and OS X. So what do I do from here? I already did a complete install, SP1 and all updates.


      After running Wireless_17.1.0_Ds64, the Dual Band Wireless device appears under Network adapters, but with a code 10 error. Still shows Wilkns Peak 2x2 and unknown device under other devices, both inactive.

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          If the wireless adapter works in Linux* the issue is software related somehow.

          I have the Intel® NUC D54250WYK and Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 working here, which leads me to the following questions:

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            First, I wasn't referring to the card working in Linux, rather Linux vs Windows installations. Hard to believe that a free OS built and maintained by volunteers is easier and more trouble free installing than the updates and driver hell that windows is. That said, it isn't working in Linux either. I'm returning it and going to another non-Intel card.


            As to your question: 1) Fresh install of Win 7 64bit professional, followed by 2) SP1 update, 3) Intel chipset device software and 4 Intel management engine. I'm done with Windows and this card, and don't want to spend my time installing drivers fruitlessly. Remarkable as Intel engineered both the computer and the wifi card that they don't work for me and many many other users.



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              If it did not work in Linux* there is a chance it was a hardware issue.