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    Installed Intel AHCI driver, now I can't eject HDDs


      I have 6 SATA ports and 5 HDDs in my PC.

      One set of SATA cables hangs out the box.

      I have 5 backup HDDs.


      Every day, one by one, I plug the backup HDDs in and update my backups.

      That is why I use AHCI mode p so I can swap backup HDDs without rebooting.


      I was using the Windows default AHCI driver. With that, I could use "Safely eject hardware" to remove the HDD. Unfortunately, after plugging in the new HDD I had to "Scan for hardware changes" on the port to "see" the HDD as WIndows driver does not do it automatically.


      Installed Intel AHCI driver for my motherboard. Intel 7 Series/C216 Chipset Family SATA AHCI   Controller. Now I can't "Safely eject the HDD." If I "unsafely" unplug an HDD and plug in a new one, Windows is aware of it, but the "unsafely" unplug is a problem.


      Is there a way of getting the drives listed in the "Safely remove hardware"? Or is there an alternative solution to ejecting the HDD.