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    Blink example is misleading


      Just gettting started using my new Edison, and I am having problems getting started with Blink


      First off, I see two leds on the board itself. What are they for?


      Secondly, I'm guessing that there is NO led on pin 13 as there are on "real" arduino boards, so I actually have to wire one up. Correct?


      Then when I try and upload a sketch it sure looks like the tty is being mixed up with the getty running on the same port. How do I turn off getty?



      #mv the downloaded file to /sketch/sketch.elf


      Moving downloaded file to /sketch/sketch.elf on target

      echo "Moving downloaded file to /sketch/sketch.elf on target"

      "$fixed_path/lsz" --escape -c "mv $target_download_name /sketch/sketch.elf; chmod +x /sketch/sketch.elf" < $tty_port_id > $tty_port_id

      rz^incorrects_worker/wokly/build/tm4.1.4.3-r14/shadow-4.1.4c:164: login_prompt: Aslen -1' faiPoky (Yoedison ttyMFD2Retry 0: Got TIMEOUT

      rzson login: Pass^X^X^X^X^X^X^X^X^X^X^H^H^H^HXB00000000123273edison logrkspace/edisp/work/core2-32-poky-li.3/libmisc/sertion `wlled.cto ProjectedisRetry 0: Got TIMEOUT

      Login in: login: /data/jenkinon-rel1-weenux/shadow/loginprompt.en == (int)  Reference Distro) 1.6 on login: Retry 0: Got TIMEOUT

      Transfer incomplete



      How does one manually run a sketch?


      I know, alot of questions!




      Bill George

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