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    Capturing all FCS fields on 82598/82599




      We have a need to be able to capture:

      * The FCS field of Ethernet frames (RX_FCS in ethtool parlance)

      * Bad packets, even if FCS/CRC is incorrect (RX_ALL in ethtool parlance)

      * The union of both (i.e the incorrect FCS for 'bad' packets)

      at 10G on Windows.


      Having both of these enabled allows us to capture what we need. (I.e. An Arista switch timestamping in replace-fcs mode)


      Under Linux, RX_ALL is already supported we are able to extend ixgbe to support RX_FCS (by toggling clearing CRCSTRP bits in HLREG0 and RDRXCTRL). This works perfectly (we understand this is mutually exclusive with IPSec or LinkSec)


      Under Windows (Server 2008 r2) we have experimented with banging the registers directly in PCI IO space, and despite being a nasty hack, seems to work - we can capture the FCS fields under windows, as necessary with wireshark.


      So my question is - how would we best go about formally requesting these as official windows/linux driver features for ixgbe? The procedure we're experimenting with is likely not suitable for production as it stands now.



      David M