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    Driver has stopped and successfully recovered when trying to use  photoshop cc with windows 8.1


      I am using photoshop CC and MOST of the time when i start the program  my computer flashes that the intel display driver was stopped and successfully recovered. I can use photoshop but when i check the performance settings it is listing my intel intergrated card as the graphic card. This laptop is a brand new asus with a nvidia geforce 745m running windows 8.1.  Sometimes it will start and the nvidia will work fine. As always,every manufacturer blames everyone else. Nvidia says its ASUS. ASUS says its not them blah blah. I have downloaded the latest drivers for nvidia. Downloaded intel drivers. There is no rhyme or reason as to when it will work. Asus computers arent able to turn off the intergrated card according to them. I have used the nvidia control center to tell photoshop to use the nvidia card but it doesnt help.