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    Distributing graphics profile/settings for external monitors


      Hi all,


      I work as an ICT support technician for a school with lots of staff laptops and and fixed VGA connected projectors.


      Our issue is that the whiteboards for the projectors require a resolution of 1024 x 768 screen resolution to provide a full image to be viewable by the full class.


      Currently staff have to set up their laptop to project in this way and can be confusing for new staff. We have over 100 staff laptops with it often being the case that users share the laptop due to their working arrangements.


      Is there a way to distribute settings for such an occurrence? This would be settings specifically for external displays to display by default in 1024 x 768, would profiles help this? If so is it possible to deploy via a standard registry GPO?


      Thanks in advance




      - My first post on here, I apologise if it could be better placed.

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          Hello Lawrence, thanks for joining the Intel Community.


          I would like to inform you that the Intel Graphics control panel allows you to save the profile you need. You can also export the profile and save it on a USB so you can import it on another computer.  Unfortunately, this needs to be done one by one.


          Our software does not deploy via registry or command lines.


          Please let me know which graphics version do you have?