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    bricked Galileo gen2 after a wrong connection




      I really need your help. I set up a circuit and then connected wrongly between pin 5V, GND or VIN. My board got hot and red OC led was on. I disconnected USB (while power still on) and press reset. I dont know if I made any short circuit. I immediately disconnected the power.

      Now, my computer cannot regconize the Galieo board. when I plug in, only ON led bright, no other bright. However, the board gets very hot the area between the V4 470 capacitor and REBOOT button, the X1000 is also very hot. When I disconnected the power and plug in USB, i receive only red OC led.


      please advise if my board is broken or any thing I can do as it seems not to be a firmware issue (i suppose because trouble rised after a connection mistake).


      I am really looking forward to your kind support as I am very dismay.


      Thank you in advance