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    Problem with Pocket Pc


      Hi everyone I have a HP Ipaq pocket pc....Edison can see it via Bluetooth the mac address that is, but my pocket pc keeps on complaining that there are no

      services running on the Edison choose another connection....it says. So it won't establish a connection to Edison What am I missing?




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          Hi Giancarlo,


          I’m not following, you can detect your PC from the Edison, but the PC does not find the Edison, is this correct?



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            Hi JP thanks for the reply No...please forgive my explanation I will try again I have a hand held Hp Ipaq h5450 which has bluetooth capabilities when

            I follow the procedures to connect to the device everything go's well edison see's the mac address but when i try to connect it say yes then no and it drops

            the connection.. my ipaq say's that their is no service running on edison, Now mind you on the ipaq I can see the bluez controller but no matter what I do

            I can't get it to connect...I tried pairing and even with that it asks for the passkey I see it on putty but still no connection.. I am running the latest window build...It keeps saying error  org.bluez cannot connect....on edison....my question to you is.. if it indeeds connect what should I see? and what can I do?


            Today I will try to enable my on board bluetooth on my motherboard and see what happens.

            I hope I made my self clear if not please let me know.



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              Hi Swigert,


              I apologize for the delay in my response, I think I understand now. Currently the Bluetooth is a little limited, but in the new software release we will have some more Bluetooth features that hopefully will fix your issue, In the meantime I’ll try to replicate your issue, I’m am able to get it to work I’ll post the solution over here. Let me know if you have more questions so we can help you with them.



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                By a little limited do you mean it doesn't work?  I bought Edison to make a bridge to communicate from some NMEA sailing instruments to a tablet or phone via bluetooth.  I cannot get a connection to stay up over bluetooth.  When will the new software be out?

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                  The new software release is expected to be released at the end of the year. In the meantime take a look at this post, you might find it helpful for your project https://communities.intel.com/thread/56120