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    Unable to update Graphics Driver ? Windows 8.1 crashing my damn system !


      Upgrading to windows 8.1 Was the worst thing that ever happened to me but ofc Microsoft has to force us to try this new filed technology , Disguarding the fact everybody's Computer is different . Every since i had to upgrade to windows 8.1 it's literally been one problem after another . Well i need to update my drivers and CAN'T . I blame this on Windows 8.1 update . Anyways , I came here and used the Intel Drivers Utility . I was going to download it but got DC , My internet is poor . When i came back to try again it said

      The file that you are trying to download has either been moved, renamed or archived . This sucked for me . It kept saying that over and over so i tried looking for the drivers myself and i thought i had found it but the download said " the driver being installed is not validated " Ect . I tried again and got the same error message . I desparately need to update my drivers MY LAPTOP G.C is Crashing because of STUPID windows 8.1 update . PLEASE Help

      My Graphics say i have " Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 " Thats it . Nothing more .

      And when i tried to update it from the Device manager it said the driver was already up to date which is NOT TRUE . The current Version is .

      Please PLEASE help me . It would be a REAL shame if i had to partition for a reset back to windows 8 and lose ALL my data !