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    How to safely downgrade Intel Matrix Storage Manger from 8.9 to 8.8


      Hello there! I had some drive issues with our graphics designer's PC. It has 3x1TB WD Black drives on an P7P55D Pro motherboard in a RAID5 array. One of the HDDs was clearly bad so I replaces all the 3 drives with brand new WD Blacks of the same class. Restored the information and everything was OK for about 3-4 days. But today at some point the OS freezed and after that one of the drives appeared as Failed. On boot time it is marked with Error(0). I'm pretty sure that the drives and the cables (changed them too) are all right so it must be some software issue.


      I found out here that this issue happens quite often on systems, running the Intel Matrix Storage Manager version. The problematic PC is also running this version so I'll have to downgrade it to 8.8.


      My question is how to safely downgrade the driver without breaking the RAID5 array and losing any information? Will it work to just uninstall the driver (IMSM), reboot and install the older version or I'll have to do something else? If I uninstall the IMSM and reboot, will the OS boot up properly?


      BTW, the OS is Windows 7 x64.