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    I Bricked my S5520SC - now what can I do?


      I finally got my S5520SC platform up an running today, but alas it is now a brick.


      I was able to get into the BIOS settings, and I was having trouble getting Windows 7 to install. I enabled the boot setting for EFI Optimized Boot to see if that would help, and now my when my system starts nothing show up on the display. I cannot imagine why changing a BIOS setting would make it so that you can not even get back into the BIOS settings.


      The POST LEDs show "D6" which means "Trying boot selection 6" - but I don't understand what that means or why nothing show on my display any more.


      Any help or advice would be greately appreciated.


      Cheers, Eric

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          Can you tell us what is the status of POST code LED's?

          and glad to get the machine configuration details aswell!

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            A little more background on my story...


            When I first powered on my system it would not show anything on the display.


            About 6 or 7 power cycles later finally the BIOS information started up on the display and I was able to go into the BIOS and change settings. When it did this the board would beep a few times, but not in a decernable beep code. I was able to boot from the suppiled Intel Server Deployment Toolkit CD (which has a pretty crummy user interface by the way). I was able to boot the Windows 7 Setup DVD, but it would not recongnise the disk as having a system partition.


            Since enabling the EFI Optimized Boot, when I power it on it beeps a few times, no decernable beep pattern, but nothing appears on the screen. The POST LEDs show a code of D6, which translates to "Trying to boot selection 6" - but I have no idea what that means.


            So far I think Intel have a serious bug in their BIOS.


            Cheers, Eric

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              ok - I used the Clear CMOS jumper and now my system boots again - phew. There should be a strong warning in the manual about enabling the EFI Optimized Boot (just don't do it). As it turns out I would not want that setting anyway as it is incompatible with using the ICH10R RAID.


              I was also able to get Windows 7 installed and running. Clearing the CMOS seems to have made it possible for Windows to install. When I get some more courage I'll try getting the RAID to work again, which is probably where things got screwed up in the first place.


              Cheers, Eric