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    D34010 1080p 3D with 4k screen




      I use NUC3010 with my TV 55LA9650 (4k) with HDMI cable on Windows 8.1 pro.


      the probleme is 4k mode is not in 60fps and if I want to see 3D video i downscale in 1080p mode for look in 60fps.

      BUT I have a bad ratio(because is not the native resolution??). screen is to big for my display so i use a custom aspect ration with Intel graphics Control planel.


      For video in 2D i have no probleme but in 3D i have a wrong ratio and the 3D is bad.

      I have 2 black board on right and left.


      4k mode 3D(native resolution)

      2014-10-26 22.41.59.jpg

      1080p mode 3D (with custom apect ratio)

      2014-10-26 22.43.122.jpg


      In 4k mode the aspect is good and in 3D mode I have no problem with the resolution but 4k mode is in 30fps so in 3D /2 as 15fps and movie is slowly.

      I use the last bios and last upgrade.

      I try with many software: mpc, vlc, powerDvd 14....


      So if i want to look 3D video what can I do?