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    blink(1) working partially on an Edison


      Over this weekend, I was able to get the blink(1) hardware to work on the Edison.


      blink(1) is a multi color USB led. [blink(1) | the USB RGB LED notification light]

      blink(1) tools and software : todbot/blink1 · GitHub


      What works:

      *) blink(1) can be turned on, and the various colors can be selected.

      *) All of the function that are supported by the blinkraw tool works. (writes directly to /dev/hiddraw* )


      What doesn't work:

      *) blink-tool - The basic command line tool can't find the device.


      What I needed to tweak to make it work:

      - Recompile the Yocto kernel to add in support for the hid-thingm module.