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    Help Connecting to Wifi with Edison


      Hello Everyone,


      I am new to Edison and have followed the steps for setting up the edison board for both windows and Mac on two different computers and I always get stuck when using terminal to do "root". I don't know why but the computer either states that there is no COM port to connect to or it connects to serial port as if it is the basic serial port communicating with the "blink" program running. Everything else seems to work well. I know this might not be enough information to figure out what I am doing wrong but I have been trying this for a week now and I don't know what else to do.



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          - I assume you do have the Arduino breakout board?

          - how did you connect? did you use both USB cables? - note: the serial you are interested in is not the serial the Arduino IDE is communicating to the board

          - did you install the FTDI driver (on Windows)

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            Hello Mhahn,


            Yes I have the Arduino Breakout board and have both USB cables plugged in. I tried setting up the board while only having one wire in at a time as was shown in the youtube step by step video by Intel also, but mainly I have been trying with both USB cables plugged into the board.


            Yes I downloaded the FTDI driver on Windows the first time I setup the unit on Windows but not the subsequent times. Was this needed for my Mac attempt as well as I didn't do it for Mac?



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              no, I think you wouldn't need the FTDI driver for Mac.

              starting with Windows:

              - Which COM ports do you see on Windows?

              - how did you try to connect? (PuTTy? Settings?)