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    =( q9400 part missing capacitor/resistor )=


      q9400/L825B369 (04)


      i bought this 2nd hand from someone i usually get my hand me downs from.. after i bought it i had waited 4 days after till i had free time to finally install it. i was taking a look at it and it looks like its missing a capacitor or resistor. i was wondering if itll still be safe to install it. i have 3rd  party coolers/fans etc... here is a pic of it. Any Intel CPU Gurus out there that can give me the green light to pop it in. i had 2 questions if it is okay, 1) what problems i might run into in the long run  ?   2) if it were to be to overclocked will it still be safe?

      q9400.jpg   TYVM for the future wisdom and knowledge