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    Ubilinux dwc3-device errors - dwc3 driver to kernel patch




      since I installed ubilinux I get the following errors on bootup. Both USB connectors are connected to Windows8.1.


      [    8.374007] dwc3-device dwc3-device.1: request f55fc540 was not queued to ep6in-bulk

      [    8.374110] dwc3-device dwc3-device.1: request f55fcba0 was not queued to ep6in-bulk


      I think this is partly related to the kernel version. Does someone else experience that issue? Is there a solution? Any ideas?



      I was looking a bit into this dwc3 issues. I found that in the kernel patch file "upstream_to_edison.patch" there are several changes to the dwc3 driver (e.g. /drivers/usb/dwc3/ep0.c).


      How could I adjust this patch to add the latest dwc3 driver version from git?


      linux/drivers/usb/dwc3 at master · torvalds/linux · GitHub





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             I also see those messages at boot, but I wouldn't class them as errors, more like informational or warning messages. It's probably the way the system is being brought up, maybe the usb networking is begin brought up in slightly the wrong order. Once the system is up, I don't see these messages any more, so I ignore them.

          If anyone does have a solution on how to get rid of them, though, it would be nice.