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    BIOS Updating DH61CR - From 0044 to 0120




      I tried to uptade MOBO DH61CR v.0044 following the steps:



      If the computer's current BIOS version is earlier than 0048:

      1. You must first update to version 0048, using one of these methods:

      Express Update

      iFlash Update


      2.  Check if the Intel Management Engine (Intel ME) Firmware is version 7 or 8.

      a)  Press F2 during boot to enter BIOS Setup.

      b)  Go to the Main > System Identification Information screen

      c)  The Intel ME version is listed here.

      d)  Press F10 to exit BIOS Setup.


      3.  If the Intel ME version is 7.x, use the BE0048.BIO file to do a BIOS Recovery and then check the Intel ME Firmware version again to confirm that version 8.x has been installed.


      4.  Then you must then update to version 0099 before upgrading to any later BIOS, using one of these methods.

      Express BIOS Update

      F7 BIOS Flash Update

      iFlash Update


      5. Update to any later than 0099 BIOS version. Using one of these methods.

      Express BIOS Update

      F7 BIOS Flash Update

      iFlash Update


      There are no special steps required for updating from BIOS version later than 0099 to a more current BIOS version.



      So, after I install 0048, according Intel instructions, the version of "Intel Management Engine (Intel ME)" didn't change to 8.x (original version was 7.x) .

      I tried to install 0048 many times and Intel ME continued 7.x. And (I don't know why ..), I decide to proceed the updating according Intel instrutcions. (I did believe in the tutorial steps!! ).

      So, after intall the BIOS 0099,Windows 7 64 bits doesn't BOOT, and I can't even access the MOBO SETUP, unless I PULL the jumper.

      I'm really concerned about this and I don't know what to do.

      If someone could help me, I'll be thankx!

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          Hello Diego00, would you please check the troubleshooting provided at this thread. It has the solution for this behavior. BIOS updating problem - DH61BE board


          Just in case, both motherboard use the same BIOS files.




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            Thanks, Sylvia!


            My PC returns!! Congrats!

            But, I don't know what happend. Now I can't acess the BIOS SETUP. The BIOS doesn't awnser the commands F2, F7 and F10 and goes directly to Windows... Throught the BIOS RECOVERY, I installed the version 109, but I don't know if it really installed because when the Windows 7 was charged, two pop-up appears in the screen. Both one said "BIOS UPGRADE was unsucessful"

            So, I have to really thank you because know I have my PC working again! THANKS, SUA LINDA!




            I just installed 0120 and almost things are ok! But are two ones I still have to burn some neurons...


            1 - The newest BIOS 0120 doesn't suport keyboard wireless... I tested here and it seems that's it. A wired keyboard can access the BIOS SETUP (F2, F7 and F10), but my wireless keyboard fail to do it. Hope I'm worng...


            2 - My DVI-D port from onboard video stopped work!! (I don't have any dedicated video card)

            I selected DVI port as primary video (using Intel Graphics) and the PC insists to IGNORE this command. Doesn't matter what I select in SETUP, the VGA is always working (even I DEACTIVING IT!!!) and DVI-D never works (even I activing ONLY it).


            I'm freaking out

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              Diego, I’m glad to know that some issues are gone now.


              In order to try to solve the rest or the new ones, please try the following:


              Then, try to install all the following BIOS versions, following that order