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    Android on Intel Edison


      Would it be possible to install the Android/Android Wear OS on the Edison module, if so, how?

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          In theory, as linux is running on by default, it should, but I'm still looking for too
          It would be really interesting to have some sort of AOSP running on an Edison about me.

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            Android is not available to Edison and not supported but we encourage you to try it and share your results in the Edison community https://communities.intel.com/community/makers/edison/forums/content .



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              Android on Intel Edison


              Hi, thank you very much for your answer, I'll try to build an image of Android for Edison, but my educated guess on this topic is that we will face a big challenge regarding the hardware compatibility (Drivers and library issue) and especially the Wifi/BTLE chips I think.


              I'll keep the community update as soon as I'll receive my board.

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                Any update on this?  I am interested in this as well.

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                  I gave up years ago maintaining a build setup of ax86 v4.x - not to be discouraging, but it is a nightmare of a headache, and that's only just for the semi-universal vanilla builds.



                  - Android 5.x says it supposedly directly supports x86, ARM, and MIPS.

                  - Android 4.x only ever officially supported ARM. but there are x86 alternatives.


                  - the ax86 community has semi-universal various releases of v4, and some individuals have been building their own v5 ones to test on their personal specific hardware. they may have v5 targets already availble if you download their build system. and they'd probably be the most help with missing drivers/objects. most of the official developers as well as active community members, mostly seem to work supporting older tablet-laptops, or handheld tablets. or even just non-tablet older laptops.


                  - Intel has been making official android-IA releases for a couple years now, but they are all v4 and mostly ship images for some recent/powerful specific laptops. athough I think they might also have an available build kit. but no idea if they have v5 targets in it. and it sounded like their v4 targets are really only few in number (ivybridge, sandybridge, haswell, ...)


                  - Intel swaps code improvements with ax86. and also merges in AOSP updates

                  - ax86 swaps code with Intel. and merges in AOSP as well.

                  - no idea if Google/AOSP are merging in driver objects or any other code back from either Intel or ax86.



                  - ax86 started to support GPT at some point, so the existing FS setup ought to be suitable without too much change.

                  - ax86 boots GRUB via BIOS or UEFI, but UBOOT ?probably? should be ok other than building the install image in a completely.

                  - unsure what Intel is using to boot.


                  but... there's not a single mention of Edison in the ax86 discussion group, anyway...

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                    Hi, any news on this?

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                      The Dell Venue 7 tablet model 3740 sold in 2014 was sold with Android installed.

                      The opensource.dell web site has a developers version of the Android system as Venue 7 3740 Merrifield.

                      Since the Edison CPU is a system on chip, all internal components are the same except the GPU is not available in the Edison.

                      The Dell drivers for Android should work on the Edison in Android.

                      I have not tried it yet, but people on xda have installed it on their Dell tablets.

                      I have not found any other products that used the Z3460 version of the Adam soc that is in the Edison.

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                        I'm interested in porting Android to Edison because I want to use some Android APIs out there for a wearable.  Has anyone done it?  Has anyone tried loading the opensource Dell Venue 7 3740 image onto their Edison?



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                          I don’t think I’ve seen someone in the community successfully porting Android to the Edison and unfortunately there is no documentation for doing something similar with the Edison. As stated in the forum and in this thread you might come across incompatibility between the Android hardware specifications and the hardware of the board. If you make progress in porting Android to the Edison please keep the community updated.