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    Intel AC7260 Half Duplex?


      I have a problem with my AC7260.I installed it in my Acer 5750G windows764bit  fully updated

      AC7260 driver installed.My laptop is connected to a Netgear Nighthawk R7000 ac router.

      I have a Readynas duo wired to my router set to 1000Mb full duplex.

      I have WMM enabled.

      Bluetooth disabled.

      Throughputbooster enabled

      wireless mode 802.11a

      HT mode VHT

      But when i test my lan speed with Lan speedtest (totusoft) i get a poor 100Mbps write speed.

      When i transfer a file about 8GB to my nas windows 7 says it transfers a 17MB/s.

      I do get decend downloadspeed from my nas arround 650Mbps.

      Can it be the Intel AC7260 is set to half duplex?

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          Hello evoxx,


          Thank you for the information.

          Please note that Half Duplex is a terminology for wire-networking so I would like you to explain to me or paraphrase your question.

          Are you referring to MIMO when saying Half Duplex?


          Kevin M

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            Hi Kevin,


            Thanks for you're reaction.I used the wrong word for my problem.What i mean is that my Lan downloadspeed is arround 600Mbps wich is good.

            But my Lan uploadspeed is only max 100Mbps.This is measured with Lan Speedtest tool from totusoft and i did drop and drag with a large file (8GB) to see if the tool is right.

            So my question is how can it be that the speed from my laptop to my nas is slow compaired to the downloadspeed from my nas.

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              Hello evoxx,


              I am still confused with the terms you are using because LAN refers to Ethernet so can you clarify if you are referring to the Ethernet Speed or Wireless adapter speed?


              If you are referring to Ethernet, Do you know if Internet Service Plan with the ISP is a Asynchronous connection or Synchronous?


              Kevin M 

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                Hi Kevin,


                I'm refering  to the wireless adapter speed.With Lanspeed i mean transferspeed between devices within my network.