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    Sound issues on D54250WYKH




      I have my NUC connected to my audio receiver through the analog port on the front. But when I move my mouse (or do anything like moving a window) there is a noise coming from the speakers. There is also a (slightly less noticeable) noise when idle.


      I thought this might have to do with a grounding issue: I tried to connect the NUC to different wall sockets (did the same with my receiver) but with no luck. The buzzing continues. They're both in the same grounded wall socket.


      Very frustrating. I only have the NUC for three days now, and it seems to be a perfect match, unless for the sound issues. I hope there's a fix because this is not acceptable for me.


      I'm running latest bios / drivers on Windows 8.1 pro x64.


      I hope someone has suggestions on what to do. Thanks!

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          Update: It even happens when the speakers are off. It's very low in volume but when I scroll a page it makes the same noise, only coming from the unit itself. How is this possible? Is there a speaker in the unit? This is weird. How is this technically even possible?


          After searching the forums I found a topic which relates to my problem: My D54250WYKH makes a ticking noise (not the fan!)

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            Thanks for joining the NUC community.


            Are you getting same noise when you disconnect AV/Receiver?

            Try pair of headphones and check if same noise is available.



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              I'm the OP on the related thread that Winout found (the "ticking noise not the fan" thread).  I have only tried headphones with my analog out port, and I don't hear the buzzing noise through them.

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                Thanks. The NUC seems like a brilliant little machine. I love it.


                I can confirm there is indeed NO noise coming from the analog output when connecting only headphones! When I connect the same headphones through my receiver (and then select the NUC for input device) then the noise is back. So what can be the problem? Is it a grounding issue?


                The NUC produces a very slightly noticable noisy sound though when scrolling if no device is plugged in. This seems to come from the unit itself. Only noticeable when you are at arms length at the unit. Which I am most of the time.

                I do have to admit however, if the volume of this stays the same, I can live with it. The NUC is so quiet I have to get used to it. My old PC is like a vacuum cleaner opposed to the NUC. But where can the sound be coming from, from the internal speaker maybe?


                I do however would love to connect my receiver to the NUC (sensitive hearing, headphones make me very tired). Is there a way to fix the noise when connected to the receiver? I haven't had any problem with other devices on this receiver. It's a Sony Stereo STR-DE197.


                Thanks for all your replies. Much appreciated

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                  You could try an external sound card like this:  http://amzn.com/B000KW2YEI (which should not be affected by the internals of the NUC like the analog audio out jack appears to be).

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                    I have been struggling with the same issue for almost 6 months and have not found a totally satisfactory solution yet. I get sound coming from the speakers when I move the mouse. I get this when connected to the audio jack, through the HDMI connection and even when connected to a DAC. I have been able to reduce the noise by disabling the Realtek audio (this also cuts out any possible interference from the Mic) and leaving the USB output to DAC as the only active sound output but even this does not solve the problem completely. The other thing that helps is that if you read media through XBMC or equivalent amplifying the sound does not seem to amplify background noise. If anyone has any suggestions I would welcome them.

                    Given what I have seen I very much doubt that an external sound card will make any difference.

                    Maybe an asynchronous DAC could help (mine is an older synchronous version) but not sure.

                    This is really a shame because apart from this the D54250WYKH is an excellent solution for reading all types of media.

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                      Tomorrow my USB soundcard will arrive. If this does not bypass the issue then I'll have to return the NUC.

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                        Well USB soundcard doesn't make a difference. Gonna send that one back. Will try a ground loop isolator as a last resort...then what.....?

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                          Well I solved it by plugging the NUC into a not grounded (ungrounded?) wall socket. It seems the NUC is very picky, and maybe also my receiver. I do think the NUC does have grounding issues, since many customers are reporting the same issues. On this forum and elsewhere.


                          Thanks everybody for your input

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                            As an addition to my last reply: I ordered a Ground Loop Isolator for around 10$ and it works flawlessly. All the noise is gone!

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                              I am glad to hear your system is working correctly.


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                                I have the same problem.

                                Loud interference type noise coming from Nuc, with distinct sound change when I move or scroll with my USB mouse.


                                It doesn't matter what speaker. I've tried Creative Labs powered speaker and Blue Tooth speaker (connected by wire).

                                It also doesn't matter if I use the HDMI to monitor or Realtek analog output.


                                The noise has not always been there so the interference could possibly be related to other devices nearby.

                                Google search shows this is common to the Intel Nuc.


                                I've tried a few things but not completed an exhaustive isolation test yet.


                                EDIT:I tired of wasting time on this issue and bought a ground loop isolator for $10. Problem solved, but disappointed with Intel.