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    Intel Galileo Smart Cabinet




      I would like to use a Galileo board, some sensors, some servos and a screen of some description to make a Smart Cabinet. So, what is a smart cabinet?


      Its a cabinet that recognizes the user.


      The experience looks something like this:


      1. The cabinet drawers are initially locked.

      2. User is recognized via something like a badge, password, or bio-metric.

      3. A GUI of some description displays the contents of the cabinet (the list of products that the user has access to)

      4. The user chooses a product

      5. The drawers(s) that the user has access to unlock.

      6. The user takes the product.

      7. After a period of time the user returns the product.


      So. step one.


      1. Lock a cabinet via a Galileo Board. Ideas/Suggestions ?

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          Hi AV.World,


          This project sounds very cool. My suggestion would be to use "magnetic switches". See the picture below. I haven't used one but I know they are used in home electronic devices such as windows and doors open/close control systems, so I think they might be useful for this project.


          magnetic switch.jpg