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    No options returned with efibootmgr in Debian / Ubuntu on de3815tykhe or dn2820fykh




      I am trying to change the boot across a number of de3815tykhe from within linux, usually I can run efibootmgr which brings up a list of boot options that can be adjusted in the EFI NVRAM.


      When running on either de3815tykhe or dn2820fykh there is no output to the command.   I'm using the latest BIOS 034 and 040,   I've confirmed I am definitely in EFI mode and Legacy mode is disabled.


      I've tried with Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 14.10 and Debian Jessie Beta 2, using efibootmgr 0.7 and 0.9


      I've tried with both EFI live and installed systems,  I have successfully ran the command from the same EFI boot stick on a Lenovo laptop and received a long list of boot entries.


      Any idea why the command doesn't seem to work on either of these NUCs?