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    Galileo Gen 2 SD Boot Image


      I have been attempting to get my Gen 2 Galileo board to boot from SD, but have not been successful.  The SD boot image appears to be missing from the download page (Galileo Software Downloads).  In it's absence, I did find a link to an older version (LINUX_IMAGE_FOR_SD_Intel_Galileo_v1.0.2), but have not been successful getting the board to boot with it.


      Is there a SD image that is known to work with the Gen 2 board?

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          You can simply go ahead and unzip LINUX_IMAGE_FOR_SD_Intel_Galileo_v1.0.2 into a 4G SD card and it will work right away. You can test it by connecting the Intel Galileo through the mini-USB into a regular USB port on your computer. Upload a sketch to configure the telnet as specified in Using Galileo Linux over Ethernet(Telnet) and then directly connect to it over a CAT network cable. Some say that not having the network cable connected as your Galieo is booting up will not start the telnet server, but it isn't started either way as you have to configure it yourself with the IP of your choice using the Arduino IDE 1.5.3.


          If you are using the latest Windows release for v2, then once you actually through an elevated command prompt install the image into the SD card as stated in Setup your Intel Galileo you can go ahead and telnet to your Galileo. You will have to run>telnet mygalileo (mygalileo is linked to the IP address of the galileo magically.) To be able to see the download link you will have to register and agree with the term of services. Magically, the download link will appear (woops, they forgot to tell you?) Go to Downloads | Microsoft Connect and install MSI Galileo IOT program to have (but you have to be logged in to see any files to download again) Galileo Watcher which allows for a more direct connection to your Galileo. There you can access it in different ways such as a network folder to install files directly into the SD card (pretty nifty.)


          If non of that works, maybe you need a better SD card? Flip one out of something you don't use like an old phone and give it a try.

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            Hi DustNnotes

            We are following up on your post to see if you still need help. If you still have questions let us know, otherwise please mark as assumed or correct answer. Have a nice day.



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              Thanks for the follow up.


              I was able to get LINUX_IMAGE_FOR_SD_Intel_Galileo_v1.0.2 to boot, and have since downloaded v1.0.3 and been successful with that as well.  It turned out it was booting the whole time, I just had to successfully connect to the linux console serial port to find out.


              I will caution users to pay close attention to the linux console serial port on Gen 2, as they are different than Gen 1 (3.3V vs RS-232  levels and polarity respectively) - I had to order a RTL3V to USB cable in the end.

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                I am Samkit Surana, trying to perform a Fnal Yera Engineering poject on INTEL GALILEO GEN2, i am facing the problem when i am trying to boot IoT os image (from:- IoT Download - Board Boot Image ) and i followed the standard procedure for running it (from:- Appendix I )but still i am not able to boot this OS.

                on putty when i entered serial communication it ask for clanton login  & password.

                i am stop here.

                plz help.