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    Connecting USB or CSI camera to Edison Board.


      Hello to everybody.

      I am working with machine vision and Open CV libraries.

      How can I connect USB or CSI camera to Linux part of Edison board?

      Thanks for reply.

      Greetings from Belarus :)

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          Greetings maxxlife,


          I’d suggest to take a look at this post https://communities.intel.com/message/247757#247757 in there is one way to do this.



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            Right. The main thing here is to get a webcam driver for your webcam and unfortunately right now the official image doesn't include any, thus that build with kernel reconfig in the thread referenced.

            That one specifically outlines options for uvcvideo, make sure your webcam is supported by that driver, or adjust accordingly (feel free to ask if you get stuck).


            After that you can install the latest OpenCV from my repo and go ahead with the development.

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              Hello AlexT,


              I have tried two cameras 1) Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 2) Microsoft Lifecam HD-3000 . But for both cameras "lsmod" command result is as following.


              Module              Size  Used by
              videobuf2_vmalloc  13003  0
              videobuf2_memops   13001  1 videobuf2_vmalloc
              videobuf2_core     37707  0
              usb_f_acm          14335  1
              u_serial           18582  6 usb_f_acm
              g_multi            70813  0
              libcomposite       39245  2 usb_f_acm,g_multi
              bcm_bt_lpm         13676  0
              bcm4334x          578947  0


              but information should be appear like below.. Right? (from link - Motion detecting video streaming doorbell)

              The information below should appear:



              Module                      Size  Used by

              uvcvideo                    71516  0                    ← this is the module

              videobuf2_vmalloc13003  1 uvcvideo
              videobuf2_memops13001  1 videobuf2_vmalloc

              videobuf2_core          37707  1 uvcvideo

              usb_f_acm                14335  1

              u_serial                      18582  6 usb_f_acm

              g_multi                      70813  0

              libcomposite              39245  2 usb_f_acm,g_multi

              bcm_bt_lpm              13676  0

              bcm4334x                578947  0


              So now should I have to change another camera or any other way is possible?

              I want to use these HD cameras as I want to do high resolution image processing for better implementation. Thanks in advance.

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                Hi Ethan, see my reply in the UVC Driver Support thread, I think you just need to load the driver manually.


                I personally used HD-3000 with Edison and it works just fine (provided the driver is loaded).