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    GPU active?  OpenCL?


      So is the GPU available on Edison's ATOM processor?  Is it the PowerVR 6400?  I'd like to tap it for various projects, including simple vision.  If so, does anyone have any pointers of where to start package/support wise?

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          I believe Intel stated at the GPU is disabled.  I don't know if it could be re-enabled, or if it's disabled in hardware/firmware.  They have promised more documentation by the end of the year, which might include that information, but I suspect they don't intend for this device to be used for compute intensive applications, but are marketing it more for low power applications, so it may not be possible to enable it.

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            thanks.  after more digging intel employees confirmed it is disabled.  too bad.  i think it should be an option that users can shoot themselves in the foot with.  it opens the door to lots of human interface apps.