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    Edison Spontaneously Reboots




      I have 3 Edison Breakout board kits. I have flashed the "edison-weekly_build_68_2014-09-08_13-49-07" version onto all of them. I run through configure_edison --setup on each one to set up a device name, root password and wifi.


      Each of the devices will spontaneously will reboot. I have tried re-flashing several times on both USB power and external power. Same spontaneous reboots after I set up device name, root password, and wifi.


      I then ran "systemctl stop wpa_supplicant" and I do not see the reboots, but now I do not have wifi!


      Btw, I did change the USB IP address from to since my wireless network is 192.168.2.X


      Any help would be great. I will try anything. The Edison will fit my needs if I can get wifi up and the system stable.



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          My guess would be that it's a power issue.  How are you powering the boards?  Intel has stated that the current required when running WiFi can spike above the 500mA limit for USB.  I haven't had any problems running off USB, but your USB controller may be tighter on the current limit and may be turning off power if it goes just a bit over 500mA.  I would try powering off an external power adapter if possible, or at least try powering from another USB controller / hub.

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            I already tried using another USB controller as well as connecting the Edison to external power. So far the only thing that has seemed to work is disabling "network-gadget-init.service" by running "systemctl disable network-gadget-init.service".


            Wifi has been stable.


            I would like to know why I would have to disable the usb network gadget?

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              Can you share the exact sequence of steps that lead to a reboot? That would help others help you in case you're doing something wrong or help developers to reproduce the situation if that's something they should take care of. So far I personally haven't seen anything similar to that, not related to underpowered board (due to low quality USB cable or power adapter), but it sounds like you've rules these things out already.

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                Were the previous suggestions helpful? If you still need assistance please reply with your questions.



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                  Sorry, it took so long to get back on this thread. I ended up using the latest weekly build (68 I believe) and have not had any other issues. I have since rebuilt the entire distribution several times and loaded them onto the Edison. I have not had any of the issues I ran into earlier.


                  I am chalking this up to being a noob with Yocto and Edison at the time.


                  Everything is going well now!