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    WHEA Event ID 19 CPU-corrected hw error / i5 4690


      Dear Members,


      I found the error below in Event Viewer.

      Should I change something in UEFI? (memory profile, speedstep, filter PLL?)


      No BSODs, only 9 warnings after 8 days.

      When last time occured only downloaded a cd, maybe did sha1 calc, no gaming or other intensive task.


      MciStat 0x90000040000f0005


      Found something:

      Vol. 3B 16-3


      Table 16-4.

      Incremental Bus Error Codes of Machine Check for Processors

      Based on Intel Core Microarchitecture


      Bus queue request type error

      bits 19-24

      000001 for BQ_PREF_READ_TYPE error


      But what does this mean? google "BQ_PREF_READ_TYPE" -> nothing

      Is it important? Helps to determine the source of the problem?





      CPU tested with: Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool -> all passed


      In Event Viewer:


      A corrected hardware error has occurred.

      Reported by component: Processor Core
      Source: Corrected Machine Check Error

      Type: internal parity error


      (not my image)



      ErrorSource 1

      ApicId 4

      MCABank 0

      MciStat 0x90000040000f0005

      MciAddr 0x0

      MciMisc 0x0

      ErrorType 12

      TransactionType 256

      Participation 256

      RequestType 256

      MemorIO 256

      MemHierarchyLvl 256

      Timeout 256

      OperationType 256

      Channel 256


      UEFI settings here: (white lines: AUTO, Speedstep: enabled)










      MB: Asrock Z87 Extreme4 / BIOS: P3.00 - latest

      CPU: Intel Core i5 4690 3.5GHz 1150 ( Non-K !)

      PSU: EVGA SuperNOVA G2 750W - Gold - 220-G2-0750-XR

      MEM: CRUCIAL 8GB Ballistix Sport DDR3 1600MHz CL9 - KIT - BLS2C4G3D1609ES2LX0C

      CASE: CoolerMaster NSE-600-KKN1

      VGA: in cpu

      HDD: 2 WD SATA

      + 1 DVD RW with IDE->SATA converter


      OP SYS: Win 7 SP1 x86 + WSUS updates up to 2014.10.14



      This is a mysterious bug:


      "I have now tried different motherboards, CPUs, memory, and power supplies and

      this error is still showing up now and then.

      This points strongly to either FreeBSD bogus reporting, or these errors being

      benign. It's hard to believe that the exact same error might occur with

      completely different hardware ... unless it's being caused by the case."

      source: Followup: Need Help With MCA Code


      @ full log attached



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          I would reset BIOS settings back to defaults or check if the voltage values are ok.

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            Dear Joe,


            Ok, I did a reset.


            10 settings changed / E-Enabled, D-Disabled, A-Auto |  in ( ) my previous non-default cfg

            + manual info

            01 E (D) - MRC Fast boot | skip DRAM memory training for booting faster.

            02 A (D) - CPU OC fixed mode / allows you to keep the max CPU ratio as your setting without throttling.

            03 E (D) - Intel Turbo Boost / enables to run above its base operating frequency when the OS requests the highest performance state

            04 D (A) - Package C state / CPU, PCIe, Memory, Graphics C State Support for power saving

            06 PCIe (Onboard) - Primary Graphics Adapter | don't have a card, so changed back to Onboard

            07 D (E) - VT-d | supported by CPU >  Intel® Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O

            08 D (E) - IGPU multi monitor / Select disable to disable the integrated graphics when an external graphics card is installed.

                                                                        Select enable to keep the integrated graphics enabled at all times.

            09 D (E) - HDD SMART

            10 By OS (D) - RTC alarm power on / Allow the system to be waked up by the real time clock alarm.

                                                                                  Set it to By OS to let it be handled by your operating system.


            Also changed from default in the current config:

            Setup prompt timeout -> to 15s

            Full screen logo -> D


            Unplugged the IDE<->SATA converter of the DVD drive to minimize possible error sources.

            Now I have 13 event, I will report back if increases.



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              I think I found the solution:

              Desktop 4th Gen Intel® Core™ Processors Spec Update

              2014.10 Revision 018


              HSD131. Spurious Corrected Errors May be Reported


              Due this erratum, spurious corrected errors may be logged in the IA32_MC0_STATUS

              register with the valid field (bit 63) set, the uncorrected error field (bit 61) not set, a

              Model Specific Error Code (bits [31:16]) of 0x000F, and an MCA Error Code (bits [15:0]) of 0x0005.

              If CMCI is enabled, these spurious corrected errors also signal interrupts.


              When this erratum occurs, software may see corrected errors that are benign. These

              corrected errors may be safely ignored.


              None identified.


              For the steppings affected, see the Summary Table of Changes.


              And my  MciStat 0x90000040000f0005


              F and 5

              9 = 1001 -> 63=1, 61=0



              + found a comment here:



              static int __nonnull(1)

              mca_mute(const struct mca_record *rec)




              * Skip spurious corrected parity errors generated by desktop Haswell

              * (see HSD131 erratum) unless reporting is enabled.

              * Note that these errors also have been observed with D0-stepping,

              * while the revision 014 desktop Haswell specification update only

              * talks about C0-stepping.


              if (rec->mr_cpu_vendor_id == CPU_VENDOR_INTEL &&

              rec->mr_cpu_id == 0x306c3 && rec->mr_bank == 0 &&

              rec->mr_status == 0x90000040000f0005 && !intel6h_HSD131)

              return (1);


              return (0);




              Now not important:


              Got another one with default BIOS settings

              I did a 10 min test with Intel Extreme Tuning Utility v5.1.1

              Here you can see some voltage info:






              The PSU seems stable (as I expected):


              I know that my unit could be different/faulty, but I don't have a multimeter to back up further the AIDA results.