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    Unable to get Bluetooth working on the Intel Edison


      I have the Edison installed on the mini breakout board running the latest Intel Yocto image.  I've tried the following after booting:


      # rfkill unblock bluetooth

      # bluetoothctl


      The BlueZ "bluetoothctl" can't see the Bluetooth controller:

      [bluetooth]# list

      [bluetooth]# show

      No default controller available


      'hcitool dev':

      root@edison:~# hcitool dev



      connmanctl seems to "see" the Bluetooth device:

      connmanctl> technologies


        Name = Bluetooth

        Type = bluetooth

        Powered = True

        Connected = False

        Tethering = False


        Name = WiFi

        Type = wifi

        Powered = True

        Connected = False

        Tethering = False


      The issue is bluetoothctl can't see my Bluetooth controller.