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    DCCP847DYE mSATA not recognized after Ubuntu 10.04 install


      I have a client's NUC here with an mSATA drive. The drive had worked for quite some time without any issues. I installed Ubuntu 10.04 on the drive, grub2 to /dev/sda mbr, reboot, and all of a sudden the drive is not recognized by the NUC whatsoever. This has now happened to 2 drives. If I stick a drive in with an OS already on it, it fires right up without any issues. I have installed 10.04 to this system in the past w/o any issues.


      I have done the temperature tweaks to see if that is it. Reset the BIOS. Disabled UEFI. Pulled the drive out and put it back in. Updated the BIOS (0054 I think it was). Nothing has worked. Any clues as to what might be happening? I hope it isn't killing drives and I don't think it is. Totally lost at this point. Googling has found absolutely nothing and haven't found anything in these discussion forums either.