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    Intel rapid storage, RAID5 on 3 disc, won't stop rebuilding on win7 @ thinkstation D30


      Dear All:

      I thought RAID should be safe... but I was wrong...

      I have a thinkstation D30, installed 3 3T seagate sata drive, configured it to RAID5 and started working on it, I had it less than 6 month


      started last Friday the system keeps telling me files cannot be saved due to IO issue, I then reboot the machine, intel rapid storage stated two disc failed, but I can still see the disc content... I then marked the discs as normal (I would not assume they are bad only after several month of light usage).... the disc started rebuilding...


      however it kept doing that, each and every time it gets to around 60% it restarts from 0%... and the disc is no longer viewable... though on disc management it is shown as healthy and on line


      Anyone help here! many many thanks!

      On another line, I have a 12T Lacie external raid array, it also experienced issue as to not accessible, but it was fixed by power down and up... RAID does not seem to be a good solution if you want your data to be safe ...