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    Intel HD 3000 eDP 120Hz LFP


      Hi Intel Community,


      I have recently been unable to tackle an issue that has been bugging me for quite some time with an HD 3000 + 120Hz LG LFP connected via eDP. (laptop)


      In short: The Windows Display Mode List does not enumerate all the possible Hz that are supported by the screen.


      The screen itself supports 60Hz, 96Hz and 120Hz, out of which only 60Hz shows up.


      However restarting the Intel card via Device Manager enables 120Hz to appear, with 96Hz still missing.


      The interesting thing is that Intel's Information Centre via the Intel Control Panel shows the proper "Built-In Display" information. I assume that this function might have nothing to do with the functionality of the driver.


      The rest of the Intel Control Panel also only provides me with only the 60Hz and 120Hz option (after device manager restart).


      Is it at all possible to adjust the driver to make it "recognize" the display properly? I am keen on trying out Intel tru3D / stereoscopic via the DirectX Quad Buffer API.


      My first thought was that the EDID might not be read properly. I have matched the EDID as seen by the Intel driver as pretty much the same as given in these product specification documents (only difference being the ASCII name string): ftp://helpedia.com/pub/temp/datasheets/monitors/Panels/Panel_LG_Display_LP173WF2-TPB2_0_[DS].pdf


      My next thought was that maybe the bitbashing dword will somehow help me (taken from an older driver as the newer ones do not install with this dword).


      I would be happy for any suggestions.