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    INTEL NUC D54250WYKH Bios settings


      Hey. Just assembled the Intel NUC D54250WYKH with 1) Samsung 1TB 840 EVO mSATA and 2) Toshiba 256 ssd thnsnh256gbst and 3) 2 * Crucial 8GB Ram. Because of years of experience with WiFi on hotels, it seemed better to avoid installing the same Intel Wireless-N 7260 adapter and instead use an external USB long-range WiFi N300 adapter with two large antennas (superb signal).


      The unit works excellent and runs Windows 7 64 bit. WEP is 6.9,7.5,6.7,6.7,7.9 (max 7.9). For example it runs the newest WoW game expansion excellent. The unit hums very little and with 3D graphics it hums a little more, but not much and still very cool in comparison.


      So there's not really anything not working, but was just wondering about BIOS settings, which are quite impressive with mouse pointer and everything. But why are there a setting for Rapid Start Technology to enable when the driver in the downloaded bundle says, that it does not match the system? Not that it doesn't start superfast anyway.


      And there are tons of CPU settings in BIOS, but even with WEP 6.9 for CPU it still runs World of Warcraft etc etc superfast, so it seems messy trying to test those settings. But are there any specific manual for the extensive BIOS settings?