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    Intel Galileo - led control by bluetooth with Android interface(problem)


      Hello Everyone!


      I would like to inform you that I am trying to create several projects using arduino nd intel galileo.


      According to this situation,Problem came up in one of the simple project.I am trying to turn on and off the led by using bluetooth module with Intel galileo and android interface.

      I would like to connect to bluetooth by android program and it should send datas to intelgalileo for controlling the led.


      Components of the project:

      1)hc06 bluetooth module

      2) Simple led

      3)220ohm resistor for led

      4)Intel Galileo

      5)Android mobile phone with app ınventor simple program


      Also I would like to inform you that, my circuit exactly works with Arduino uno(with bluetooth module and android interface). Also I tried to turn on and off the led without of bluetooth module in Intel galileo and it worked.But The circuit doesn't work when ı tried to connect with bluetooth and android interface.Android interface connects to bluetooth correctly. But connection between bluetooth and galileo have some problems.


      I push to turn on the led in Android mobile phone ,then nothing happens.

      Circuit is exactly like this in both open source platform.I have to handle it because I am going to write my thesis with comparison of intel galileo and arduino uno



      I am using arduino interface for programming part.

      the code;


      int ledPin = 13;

      String readString;



      void setup() {


        pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT);




      void loop() {

        while (Serial.available()) {


          char c = Serial.read();

          readString += c;


        if (readString.length() >0) {


          if (readString == "on")    


            digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH);


          if (readString == "off")


            digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW);






      And appınventor for android interface;