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    making galileo read sketch/sketch.elf in an eglibc image (LSB image)


      Hello All,


      I am successfully able to compile and run the LSB image as described as in Intel Galileo - Building Linux Image - Malinov Family Web Presence.

      What I want to do next is to basically create a sketch/sketch.elf file on my galileo itself (using a compiler on galileo) and when I reboot it should automatically execute the sketch/sketch.elf (same as done by the standard SD card image version Galileo Software Downloads )


      Has anyone tried this before? If yes, can you point me to the relevant links/steps to do this. If not, can we do a little brainstorming and get this working?

      Here, I do not want to upload the sketch through Arduino IDE but basically I want to be able to convert any file (.c, .py etc) to .elf .