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    Unable to access high resolution


      I have a Dell 3000WFP monitor with native resolution 2560x1600@60HZ (latest Dell driver /.inf file installed)

      This monitor is being driven by an ASUS Z87-A motherboard with integrated HD4600 graphics adapter (latest motherboard BIOS)


      I am running Windows 8.1x64, latest automatic updates


      Whether by HDMI 1.4a cable or DVI-D cable (the only two options available), the maximum resolution the intel driver recognizes is a disappointing 1920x1200


      I can plug the same monitor into my Nvidia GTX780 and get full native resolution via same DVI-D cable.  I need this GPU not to be driving my display however, as I need all it's processing cycles for CUDA calculations


      I have seen reference to adding custom resolutions to the Intel driver, but there seems to be no way to do this in reality.

      The custommodeapp.exe file supplied with latest Intel HD4600 driver does nothing when clicked, even using administrator privileges.  I note this file is not installed into windows/system32/drivers/Graphics as one member suggested in another thread, There is not even a 'Graphics' subdirectory created in 'Drivers' by the installer, and using windows search function reveals the only instance of the custommodeapp.exe remains within the folder containing the supplied installer itself - and this doesn't appear to work anyway..


      Can anyone please tell me how can I add 2560x1600 resolution, given the above?

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          Thanks for joining the Graphics community.

          In order for all supported resolutions to be available, the monitor drivers need to be loaded. Please bear in mind that your computer manufacturer may have altered video BIOS on your computer, this is why you are not able to create custom resolutions.

          Test by running the latest graphics drivers for your controller here: File name: win64_15367.exe


          Check this link for additional information: Graphics Drivers — Display Resolutions Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



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            Hi Allan,


            I have a Acer W510 tablet. It has an Atom Z2760 processor with an integrated Graphics Media Accelerator.  I just connected my brand new 29" HKC 2560x1080@59.98Hz native resolution external monitor via HDMI/DVI cable and the highest resolution Win 8.1 and the Intel Graphics Media Control Panel will show is 1920x1080@60Hz.  I've installed the monitor drivers, which Intel Graphics Media Control Panel confirms through EDID that it does support 2560x1080p@59.98Hz mode.  I've checked the specs of the Intel Atom Z2760.  The max resolution is 1080p, although it does not state horizontal resolution. However, looking at the scan frequency information giving, the Atom Z2769 GMA should be able to support 2560x1080p resolution.  I've looked everywhere for a solution including editing the .INF file through DTD utility, and trying to use Intel's custommodeapp.exe (doesn't run), and many other methods, but nothing works.  I use the display for work, not for gaming.  But I do need to have a circle look like a circle.  Can you please inquire with engineering for an update of the drivers and related software for the Z2760 so it's possible to set higher (custom) resolutions even with reduce color depth.  Even at 16 or 24-bits is usable for many people.



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              Hi dguo251359,


              We have plenty of positive reports from Tablet owners in regards to screen resolutions; however, the problem might be due to driver compatibility or driver availability from the Tablet manufacturer.

              Please bear in mind, the computer manufacturer can change the features, incorporate customizations, or make other changes to the graphics driver software or software packaging. Intel recommends contacting  Acer | Service & Support | Acer Official Site for information about this matter.



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                Custommodeapp isn't used anymore in latest drivers - functionality is built into the control panel itself.  That said, it seems unlikely that will help for reasons below..


                Intel display hardware doesn't support dual link DVI, only single link;  it is not possible to drive 25x16 over single link DVI (Not enough bandwidth), even if you use DVI-D cable.


                Intel display hardware supports HDMI 1.4a which should let you drive high res displays via appropriate cable (25x16@60 should be ok, or even 3840x2160@30, 4096x2160@24).

                However the Dell 3000 WFP is a pretty old monitor - It seems likely that the monitor's HDMI receiver is an older rev of the HDMI spec (e.g. 1.2?) and thus doesn't actually support 25x16 via HDMI.


                Are you stuck?  well, maybe/maybe not. You could buy dongle to drive the DVI port on the monitor. 

                Option 1: Get HDMI->DVI dual link Active adapter

                Option 2: Get miniDP -> DVI dual link Active adapter OR if you can't find that, mini DP -> DP  adapter (could be passive) + DP->DVI dual link ACTIVE adapter.


                The ACTIVE part is critical here - with passive dongles, Intel sees the remote display as DVI and uses single link semantics.  With active adapter, Intel gpu sees the connection as DP/HDMI, not as DVI single link