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    Fried the I2C on my Arduino Breakout Board


      Hi there,


      I have an Edison connected to an Arduino Breakout board. On top of this I connected an I2C LCD display (LCM1602 @ 5V) to ports A4 and A5.


      Then, following the instructions according to this post (https://communities.intel.com/message/253618#253618)

      from @intel_dan I connected a 12V 1500mA to the board. After 10 seconds or so, the LCD started behaving strangely and I could actually smell something burning.


      I immediately turned everything off but it was too late. For some reason, the I2C controller got fried: can't send or receive commands anymore. i2cdetect does not return anything anymore. But everything else on the Edison seems to function normally.


      Did anyone had problems using 12V 1500mA power supplies to the Arduino Breakout ?


      Isn't the Arduino Breakout supposed to handle this type of font ? How come only the I2C got burnt ? Low quality LCD perhaps ?


      Thanks in advance for any comments or help.