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    Sound Sporadically Going Out While Watching Video


      Hello fellow NUC users,


      I have the Intel NUC BOXD54250WYKH1 that I bought through Amazon in July.  It works pretty perfectly except for one incredibly irritating issue I have. 


      When watching videos, about 1 to 2 times every 30 minutes the sound will go out for 5-7 seconds then come back in.  I have tried the following to fix it:

      1. I've updated drivers to a variety of different driver packs. I've also uninstalled the driver completely then let Windows 7 reinstall the driver.
      2. Changed video players (I've used both VLC and MPC)
      3. Changed the HDMI mini to HDMI dongle, and changed the HDMI cable.
      4. Changed the HDMI port that the cable plugs into in the back of my TV.
      5. Most of my media is run from my NAS. I've also tried uploading the media to the local hard drive and playing it from there (the problem still happens).


      Please help!  A few more details:

      • I should mention that the driver will sporadically close out which is a well documented issue here: https://communities.intel.com/thread/41853.  That is not my concern right now (even though that's frustrating it only appears to happen once a week and is fixed by a quick reset).  This sound issue happens one to two times every 30 minutes and the break in sound is long enough where if you're watching two people talk then you will miss part of the conversation.
      • Maybe or maybe it is not important but the picture does not go out. Just the sound. 
      • Also if I rewind and replay the same scene the audio will be there. It happens randomly. It doesn't appear to be tied to anything that is happening on the video side.


      Feel free to ask any other questions if I missed anything. I'm highly considering returning it and getting a new one but if I could fix this then I'd prefer not to have to rebuild another computer. Thanks!