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    Antialising at HD Graphics 4400?


      Hello! I have an Intel HD Graphics 4400 and I found no options to enable the Antialiasing (AA) filter at the control panel. I guess i can enable it in some games, but I'm running some old games that does not have AA option in game. Theres someway i can enable it?



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          Hi Gilberto,


          I am sorry you are having this problem. This feature is embedded on the Graphics controller but on the Graphics Control Panel there is no a current option to change. In this case, this feature needs to be changed from the game itself.


          Kevin M

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            Intel's latest drivers for HD4400 offer an ability for you to force a version of "post processing" AA called CMAA on through the Control Panel...


            See info in the release notes from when this feature was enabled:



            CMAA* (Conservative Morphological Anti-Aliasing)

            The driver includes CMAA* (Conservative Morphological Anti-Aliasing) for DirectX, a post-processing effect in games that reduces the jagged edges during gaming.

            Benefits and utilization:

              CMAA offers higher quality anti-aliasing effect than MLAA (Multi-sample Anti-Aliasing)*, FXAA (Fast Approximate AntiAliasing)* and without performance impact. See this white paper for more information.

              This effect can be initiated through Intel Graphics control panel.

              Enable the feature via Intel Graphics control panel before launching a game and disable after game is exited to avoid

            any unintended blurring in other applications.

              To reduce the probability of unintended blurring, certain applications are automatically excluded from the support

            list:  Windows* explorer, login screen, Windows* home screen, Internet Explorer*, Google* Chrome, and Firefox*

            browsers, and the Windows 8.1 Photo applications