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    Intel RST Service Is Not Running


      I have a custom PC, spec as follows:


      ASRock Z77 Pro3

      Core i5-3570K

      8GB G.Skill Ripjaws-X PC3

      Crucial M4 128GB SSD

      WD Caviar Blue 1TB HDD (for non-essential programs and games)

      Secondary 1TB HDD (for audio/video files only)

      PowerColor Radeon HD 7850 V2, 2GB GDDR5

      Windows 7 Pro SP1


      Everything was running great up until a couple of months ago when i started getting the above in the tasktray, accompanied by an icon of a HDD and a blue circle.  Since i've been getting that error, the start-up time has slightly increased, but the shut-down time has greatly increased.  While it used to take maybe 5-10 seconds to shut down, now it's taking 30+ seconds to shut down.  Also, my CPU idle has gone from 0-1% to 25-28%. There are no other programs causing this increase. 


      I've attempted to uninstall the RST service drivers, but they appear to keep re-installing on the restart.  I've also downloaded the latest drivers from the Intel website, but i've no idea how to install them.  I get the RAR folder with the following files:








      I don't know what to do with them.  I know that the RST is for RAID, but i don't know anything about RAID or how it works.  So, i'm fairly confident that i don't want/need it. 


      Can someone point me in the right direction to uninstall this, or to at least get it working properly again so that it's not causing the issues as stated above? 


      Thanks in advance!