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    Intel Rapid Storage Technology Logs Location


      Trying to Find the Location of the Log Files so Can Diagnose an Issue we are Having on Intel Rapid Storage and SSD Drives in Raid 1

      Were we are Using Raid 1 with 2 SSD Drives.

      one Drive will appear as Drive is Removed.

      the Drive on standard Warm Restart is still Removed.

      Until we drain all Power from the system and then Cold Boot the system.


      Is there a Location of any Log Files so we can Confirm why the drive is been marked as Missing as the Drive once detected again works fine and no errors no Smart errors that i Can Locate


      we have tried a a few different Driver Version still no success on finding why the SSD are Marked as Missing until we power cycle the system

      was hoping there is a Log Location that we we try and Diagnosis why the drive is getting Marked as Missing as the Disk is not actually Failing it is just been marked as Missing till power drain on the system


      the only log files we can Locate are for the installation of the Intel Rapid storage Console no actual Log files of the Drive Status etc, or even the actual Smart Status errors on the drives at any given time.


      Disabled Link Power Management

      Drives that we have tried and still getting the same Failure Intermediately.

      12.9 through to