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    Arduino library support for WiFi?


      I am able to connect to a WiFi access point using configure_edison -w

      This finds available WiFi SSIDs, connnects, and gives me an IP address.  I can then use that IP address to ssh from another machine.  Interestingly, I can't seem to http in from a browser, but that is not my main issue here.


      When I compile and load the SimpleWiFiServer example sketch, it attempts to find the SSID I put in the SSID string.  I did modify the WiFi begin call to be .begin(ssid)  rather than .begin(ssid,passwd) since no passwd is needed, and the Arduino documentation says that is also a valid call format. Is there an issue there?


      Does the Arduino WiFi library support the Edison's internal WiFi, or just an external Arduino WiFi shield?  Why do things seem to work from the Yocto command line but not within the sketch?


      Also, I found one forum item that seems to suggest that there may be a more recent Edison image than the one I have, which if I recall is Build 56(?), dated early September.  This seems to the most recent Intel release available at the download site, but someone on the forum seem to suggest that there was a more recent build (68)  which solved some mysterious problems they were having. Any issue here?


      Thanks in advance for any helpful hints.